Our Story

CabiCraft story begins in 1990 with the curiosity of our founder, Marius, who spends most of his childhood time in his grandfather’s woodworking shop learning and trying his tools. The carpentry manufacturing business runs in the family history for more than a generation and serves as a solid foundation for the skills and experience Marius earns in more than 10 years of running his own custom-made furniture company in Romania.

In 2016 our founder expands the knowledge of his craftsmanship to a new home in Boca Raton, South Florida. A few years later Cabicraft becomes recognized for its high quality standards and begins working with contractors and interior designers to create and install complex custom cabinetry projects.

In 2022, Cabicraft decides to make a significant step into expansion and starts the procedures for launching a state-of-the-art manufacturing shop and sets a single mission: deliver superior quality as a standard.


Licensed & Insured

We are licensed and insured for manufacturing and installation of custom-cabinetry projects.

International Experience

We bring extensive knowledge in premium cabinetry design and manufacturing from both European and US markets.

Superior Results

We strive to make every customer happy with our startling results.

Top-Notch Manufacturing

We use the most advanced equipment in manufacturing technology and design.


Founder & CEO

Marius Martin Radu brings extensive knowledge and experience directly from the cabinetry manufacturing business. For more than ten years, Marius has managed his own custom furniture business in Europe, where he has successfully built a significant portfolio of clients. He worked then with big contractors creating and installing furniture for hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, and casinos. His portfolio also included more high-end jobs, working with designers creating unique and expensive types of furniture.

Marius has outstanding skills when it comes to understanding clients’ needs. As a result, he can offer a true functional design perspective for any space.

Managing Partner & Executive

Ciprian brings decades of engineering and automation experience. Ciprian is a customer-focused, result-driven technologist with a dynamic management and leadership career in Engineering and Information Technology.

With over 20 years of experience in enterprise projects and lifecycle methodologies, and a strong background in developing and supporting multi-platform environments, Ciprian’s goal is to develop a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where talent, innovative research, and AI automation sets the basis for a highly profitable, competitive, and successful business.